Bean to cup brilliance

The Melange is a compact powerhouse for the perfect coffee.

Customise your favourite beverage and create variations for your colleagues, family or friends, so they can have it just how they want it – every time!

Choose from a black or white coloured machine, to compliment your kitchen or whichever space you prefer to enjoy your perfect coffee at the touch of a button.

£1095 inc VAT

£912.50 + VAT

Accurate Grinding

Using the adjustable setting option 'MyCoffee', you can choose the ideal drink profile according to your taste.

2.4`` colour display with touch icons to easily find your coffee of choice or create your own bespoke beverages.

High-quality Brewing

High quality brewing process for the perfect espresso, cup after cup.

Small foorprint, big taste: high quality coffee for smaller spaces.

Fresh Milk System

The Steam Tech milk system mixes the perfect quantities of steam, milk and air, creating a texturised milk foam.

Elegant quality on demand thanks to rapid advanced thermoblock technology.

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