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verb (used with object), be·stirred, be·stir·ring.
1. to stir up; rouse to action; awaken; stimulate senses (often used reflexively):

Over the past few years, we have collectively had the ambition to create our brand and range of coffee machines.

The brand  was chosen as its meaning is stimulating the senses: Precisely what coffee achieves.

We have developed and customised a complete range of machines, from domestic to mid-capacity, and we will continue the development over the coming years, not only with our existing range but with additional models.

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So... Why?

The landscape of coffee machines in the UK is undergoing a transformation, marked by escalating prices that don’t necessarily translate to better quality.
This leaves consumers grappling with a dilemma: whether to stretch their budgets for perceived quality or stick to financial constraints.
A much-needed revolution is in order – one that challenges existing norms, promotes transparency, and empowers consumers, balancing the relationship between cost and excellence in the world of coffee machines. – This is how bestir-logo-gold was conceived.

1. Sourcing manufacturer
We have searched tirelessly to find partners who share our vision, and we've found the best amongst machine manufacturers, and we’re ready to transform the UK market together.
Our Supply Chain
2. Research, testing and development
Your coffee experience matters to us, and we've worked closely with our partners on the design and operation of the machines to meet the high standards of the UK market.
3. Created our offer
Whether you're a distributor aiming to provide lasting coffee solutions or a coffee enthusiast looking to savour every sip, our machines are designed to exceed your expectations.
Our Services

Our Premises

Our head office spans 10,000 square feet and is divided into a contemporary office space, a stylish showroom, and a well-stocked warehouse.

..and we’re conveniently located in the UK with excellent accessibility to key transport links. 

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