Exciting News for Us – Bestir is now a Trademark

Bestir has achieved a significant milestone by securing trademark approval in the category of coffee machines in the United Kingdom. This trademark approval is a validation of our commitment to quality and innovation in the coffee industry.

What the Trademark Means

Now that Bestir has been granted trademark approval in the coffee machine category in the UK, it means that our brand and products are recognized as unique and distinctive within this niche. This offers a level of legal protection against imitation and counterfeiting, ensuring that when you see the Bestir name on a coffee machine, you know you’re getting a genuine product.

The Future is Brewing

We’re genuinely excited about the future. This trademark approval opens up new possibilities and opportunities for Bestir. We aim to continue offering our customers the best coffee machines on the market, with innovative features, sleek designs, and great quality. In the coming years, we’re committed to expanding our product line and bringing you even more innovation

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers have always been at the heart of what we do. We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in Bestir, and this trademark approval serves as a testament to our dedication to your satisfaction. With this recognition, we’re inspired to work even harder to meet and exceed your expectations.